Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elijah demonstrates the way NOT to catch a t- ball

With your face!
Elijah started playing t-ball this year. He loved it! I thought that love would be incredibly short lived. While I was waiting in the car for him to get through with practice, I looked up and he and a coach were walking to me. Elijah was bawling.  While practicing throwing and catching, another little boy threw the ball and Elijah didn't catch it, instead it hit him above his eye.

By the time he got to me there was a golf ball sized goose egg on his eyebrow. With ice, it came down a little and looked like this.

The next morning it was completely shut.

For the next week, he had quite a shiner!

We all thought for sure Elijah, who is a very fearful little one, would certainly be done with T-ball. But, we were very wrong. Every time we asked, he quickly, without even thinking, said he wanted to continue to play. That first practice afterward, I watched him. When it came time for catching and throwing practice, I heard him tell his partner, "Let's just roll it, ok?"

Despite his injury, he really enjoyed playing during the game.

Layne was staying with us during one game.

I don't think she was too impressed by this game.

I'm proud that my buddy didn't let an accident keep him from enjoying T ball.

                              His eye was still a little bruised when they took team pictures.


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