Monday, November 10, 2014

Backseat wisdom

You can learn a wide variety of things just by listening to the conversations that take place in the backseat of the car, especially when the little people don't realize the big person is listening.

This weekend, as we were returning from swim practice, we rode by a church. Outside in the side yard, the wedding party was taking post ceremony pictures. I pointed out the group to Abbey and Elijah.

Then I heard this conversation…

Abbey~ "I wonder when I can get my first kiss? I can't wait! You can kiss when you are married."

Elijah~ "When I get married, I'm going to ask my wife if we can have babies."

To which Abbey responded, "Why would you ask?"

Elijah then came back with,  "Because it's nice to have lots of love. The more people you love the more happy you get to be."

There's a lot that can be extrapolated from my brief eavesdropping session. I can see bits of  both of their personalities through their comments. I also can see some of myself reflected in their observations. This is sweet, but also could be terrifying. Sweet, in  that some of what I want them to know has been "caught". Scary, because they are also always catching things that I might have inadvertently thrown. Chinks in my armor that I don't want to pass on.  They could emulate my actions in times of stress,  when I react in a less than Godly way.  The good, the bad, and the ugly…all there for the taking, and kids are rapid takers of what they see and hear.

One thing's for sure,  I'll always be listening for more words of wisdom from the backseat, while trying to make sure the front seat comments they hear are wise enough to shape my little charges into the people I hope and pray they become.

Silly gooses…


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