Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finally! After 75 years, a surprise party

My Mom had her 75th birthday on Oct. 16th. That's 74 previous birthdays and not one of them involving a surprise celebration…until now!

Beth and I put together a little poem to invite friends and family:

My Dad sneakily got addresses, arranged a place and ordered food.

Just so she wouldn't be suspicious, the kids and I went to see her for her birthday.

And surprised, I believe she was!

Several friends and family came to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

Since Beth, Greg and Evie couldn't make the long trip,  Layne held down the great-grandchild fort.

and got lots of love from Mimi and Papa

(this is grainy, but I love her expression)

With all her guests, she still had time for some Nana snuggles with Elijah

All of my big kids wrote about how much their Nana meant to them. Anna read hers,

and I read the others. My mom was touched and got a bit "misty-eyed" when she heard them. They all said very sweet things about their special relationship with their Nana.

Then Mom gave a little speech where she shared that she had told my Dad, after her birthday this year, that next year she really wanted to have a surprise party.

My mom bleeds Carolina Blue, so what kind of cake did I make??

My brother, Dad, Mom and me.

It was a great day and such a privilege to honor my mom. She's always given so much for everyone, it was nice to give back to her for a change. The queen of giving birthday parties finally had one for herself.

She's been a wonderful constant in my kids' lives. They all think the world of their Nana. Even though no one but Anna could be there, they all were there in spirit. They love her dearly! As for me, it was a super pleasure to do something for my mom. She's always been there for me any way she possibly could. Whether it was planning and working a birthday party, babysitting or just listening, my Mom's always putting our family before herself. We are so lucky to have her!

Happy, happy birthday Mom, and all our love always !!!


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