Saturday, February 21, 2015

One little detail

Proof that my little girl is learning the art of the "spin" of the tale.

We have been dealing with a couple of inches of sleet for the past 4 days. The kids have enjoyed sledding

and building, an "Ice Man"

This afternoon Abbey and Elijah were playing outside for quite a while. Abbey came in with her eyes half closed and said, "Elijah hit me in the eye with a ice ball!" I promptly began to examine her eye, and pronounced that she would continue to live with both eyes intact, and that Elijah would be dealt with. As a precaution, and because I've been a mom for a few years, I asked, "Did you throw one at him first?" "No, " was the immediate answer from my precious, innocent, little cherub.

Just then,  the "offending" little boy comes in the door. I get ready to pounce on him, and Abbey quietly adds, heavily stressing the second word, "I accidentally hit him with a stick!" A-ha, one little detail she had left out of her sympathy gaining story.

So there you have it, she has learned the fine art of getting sympathy first before divulging the incriminating details of a story. I wonder where she learned that skill from??


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