Sunday, August 16, 2015

A February Birthday in June

So what does a boy do when his birthday happens to fall in a time where a pool party would lead to his guests suffering from hypothermia? He patiently waits until balmy weather to roll around and then has a pool party late birthday bash. That's exactly what Elijah did this year.

He had about 14 of his friends come to our pool to celebrate his 7th birthday, which actually occurred in February.

Everyone swam,
Aislynn rigged a flotation device to help with a broken arm.

Layne has a great time in the pool with Papa.

Logan enjoying the pool

We had quite a spread of food

and of course, cake

Some of the regular pool rats opted for the playground over the pool

But, everyone came up for the pinata

Layne showed off her "loot"

Happy Birthday to my very patient little boy!!


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