Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Backtracking...Daniel joins the ranks of adulthood~June 2

(I inadvertently failed to document Daniel's 21st here it is...better late than never)

Daniel had a monumental birthday on May 30th. He turned 21 years old. We were at the beach that weekend, so he came to celebrate with us.

After a dinner of ribs...

He directed our serenade...

and blew out the candles!

He's now considered an adult! Which, as it usually happens, he is finding out that being an adult is over rated. For instance, He now has the daunting grown up task of figuring out what to do with his life after the quickly approaching college graduation.

I think most of our family would say that, of the kids, Daniel is the glue. He's the bridge between the bigs and the littles. He is so very loved by everyone. We all love it when he spends time with us. He loves to laugh and can make any of us smile with his antics. All three of his nieces have little "crushes" on Uncle Dan.

Of course, part of who Daniel is has been reflected through his sport of swimming. He has spent many, many hours in the pool, devoted to this sport. He has excelled while holding down a part time job and doing well in school. He has a never give up, can do attitude. He thinks he can win every time he gets in the pool.

As his mom I so appreciate his honesty and transparency. Most of the time, what you see with Daniel is what you get! He's a very genuine person. This past year has presented many challenges, through these challenges, he's found that his strength relies on his faith in God.

Daniel, I've no doubt at all that God will use you mightily. He has a plan for your post college life and it is a plan for your good! I know that the hand of the Lord is on you. I'm so very proud of you and grateful to be your mom. I love you beyond words and thank the Lord for you. I can't wait to see how God will work and direct your paths.


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