Monday, December 28, 2015

Beach Memories 2015

Another year enjoyed at the Doz A Way!

One of John's and my greatest joys is introducing our grand daughters to the ocean.

Waverly's first time at the beach, obviously she found the sound of the ocean relaxing.

 Cousins on the way to the beach

Baby toes in the sand....

We got to have Evie all to ourselves for a day or two...

Bathing beauty...

Holden Beach has a "Festival By the Sea" every October. The bridge is blocked off and people can walk across.

Views from the bridge

Our house, as seen from the bridge,  is the gray roof in the foreground

Interesting perspective

There was a parade down the causeway

        Elvis was the Grand Marshal

There were clowns, floats, ROTC marchers,  and motorcycles

 Baby was strapped to the back of a golf cart

After the parade, there were tons of vendors and bounce-play things available.

My Mom and Dad were down for this weekend. My dad gave Abbey a chess lesson:

We enjoyed several of the weekly concerts at the Pavilion.
At one concert we ran into some hometown friends and Elijah danced with his friend.

The kids didn't get to escape the chore of school, but the recess time after work was finished was awesome!

Abbey made friends with some seagulls

I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to experience this place!


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