Sunday, January 10, 2016

Abbey discovers a new sport

Last year, when Daniel received his championship ring during a UNCW volleyball game. Abbey was mesmerized with the sport and wanted to play. Most leagues around here don't start until middle school. But, this summer a parent told me about a volleyball program for ages 9-13. I immediately signed Abbey up!

They had try outs, (everyone was able to play, the try outs were to ensure equitable players). I was so nervous when Abbey was the very first one to show what she could do. I should never have worried. She stepped up and served the ball like a champ! She was chosen to be on the Setters team, which is coached by a friend from our pool. She chose several neighborhood girls, so Abbey had quite a few familiar faces among her team mates.

At one of her last games, she had her own cheering section. Anna, Beth, their kiddos, Nana and Grandaddy joined us to watch our budding volleyball player.

We all were so proud of Abbey and her go-get-it attitude.

Abbey's anxiously awaiting the spring league's start up!


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