Friday, January 29, 2016

Putting them in the "way of things worth observing"

One of my favorite things to do while homeschooling is to get out of the house and have some "hands on learning". We've had some wonderful classes and field trip this past year. I want to have a record of them, so here goes.......

Carolina Tiger Rescue

The NC State Arboretum

Abbey was so excited to be able to sit at a real desk!

They learned about angiosperms and gymnosperms. They took home a plant that they grafted.

 Camp Flintlock

 Mordecai House

School House of wonder on the Eno River, to study plants and bugs

 Introduction to edible wild plants(of course, Abbey will eat anything)

Elijah holding aphids

Water quality at Eno River, determined by the presence of certain types of bugs

Ladybug identification at Prairie Ridge Eco station

Pond study at Blue Jay Point

Bugs at Hemlock Bluffs

Metamorphosis at Durant. These are representations of the life cycle of bugs.

Elijah in his happy place at an antique car show

Studying butterflies at Museum of Life and Science

Arctic wildlife at the zoo (Abbey in a polar bear den)

The real polar bear in his real den

Touching seal fur

arctic fox fur

Polar bear skull

Polar bear paw print

Geology at Annie Wilkerson

Types of rocks

large boulders of gneiss

Rare resurrection ferns growing on the gneiss

Rock ID at Yates Mill


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