Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's great, Elijah is Eight!--March 15, 2016

Having your birthday in the middle of the bleak winter doesn't make  your birthday theme of choice very easily available, when your theme always has to do with something outside. This is Elijah's dilemma. Last year we waited until June to achieve his wanted pool party. This year, he wanted a bike party. There is a local park with lots of visible trails that would be perfect for said bike party. But, alas, even though we waited until the middle of March, the weekend we picked was forecasted to be wet and cold, so we moved it to our house. We had invited 20 kids!! I must admit I was sweating having 20 kids with nothing planned to do, forced inside my house. But, thanks to my husband's ingenuity and thanks to the Lord holding off the rain, it was mostly outside and they had a blast. (plus a few no shows, so the numbers were quite manageable)

John set water bottles and they had obstacle challenges.

Abbey wanted an extra challenge~she ripsticked through

Layne had to take a little rest.

We then went inside for cake and snacks.

After chow down, it was back outside. This time the free play was centered around Star Wars.

The force is strong with this one...

Jedi Baby!

Papa loves Jedi babies!

Some cuddle time for the birthday boy

Waverly loves her Daddy

Happy, happy birthday to my youngest baby. I love you sooo very much!


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