Thursday, April 27, 2017

Backtracking~Jan 7th. Abbey and Elijah's first visit to Purdue Hill

In the past few years, we've had very few snow storms. This year, while not a huge storm, we did have enough for the kids to go sledding on our neighborhood's "best sledding" hill.

Solomon took it all in stride!

We all rode several times. After a few times down, Abbey came running to me and snuggled up close. Knowing her as I do, I instinctively knew this meant she had gotten hurt. She wasn't talking and had no more interest in sledding. I knew she must have been hurting pretty badly, as she has a pain threshold that is through the roof. I walked back with her while Elijah and John continued sledding. She explained that she had somehow wiped out and hit her butt bone on the curb. I'm pretty sure she broke her coccyx bone. She was sore for several days.

This was to be our only snow of 2017, (unless we have one next winter). But at least the kids got to experience "The Sledding Hill"


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