Friday, April 21, 2017

Making little Tarheels!

One of John's customers gave us 4 tickets to a UNC basketball game. Not just any old tickets, but wonderfully close to the court tickets! We even got to park right behind the stadium.
Abbey and Elijah had no frame of reference, but John and I tried to impress upon them how special those seats were. We all had a great time!

For Christmas, our big boys went together and got John and I tickets to see Pittsburgh play UNC. We had a wonderful time. UNC basketball is one of the few things that both John and I thoroughly enjoy!

Both times, we really didn't think we were watching a NCAA championship team, but we were wrong!!!

The Heels beat Gonzaga to win the national championship this year. The next day, the kids and I went to the "Welcome home" ceremony. (John was out of town with work. I know he was green, and I felt bad that he couldn't experience it).

We walked up and down Franklin Street and I reminisced about mine and John's days here.

This line was to get into Johnny T Shirt. I had already ordered our shirts and hats online. (Smart! I was glad we didn't have to wait in line just to get into the store)

We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

and then made our way to the Smith Center.

We were early and got really good seats.

Abbey was a bit of a sourpuss. She was upset to be missing swim practice. (Yep, hard to believe, but true). But my man, Elijah....he was into it big time. He went down on the floor and tried to get on TV behind the news guys.

The bigger kids were blocking him out, so I went down and held him up. We got on TV! Several Facebook friends started messaging me that they had seen me on TV, so Elijah got his wish.

Finally the team arrived.

Several key players and Coach Roy Williams spoke. There was lots of cheering. At the end everyone stood up, linked arms and sang our Alma Mater song, "Hark the Sound". It was definitely a chill bumps moment.

By the end, little miss "I don't want to miss swim practice", had put down her wall and really enjoyed herself. As we walked back to the car, both kids were heard exclaiming, "I want to go to school here one day!"

Mission indoctrination successful!


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