Monday, May 20, 2019

March 2019- Two Special Events-Elton John and ACC Tournament

I grew up listening to Elton John, so when I heard he was having his last concert, (we'll see...), I really wanted to go. Tickets were uber pricey, (at least by our standards). When Christmas came around, John asked if I'd like tickets as my Christmas gift. I quickly took that off and bought us tickets for his concert in March.

The set was elaborate

Best of all was spending time with this guy!

He gave a great show!

 He many of my favorites, including my two very favorites..."Daniel" and "Your Song". He talked quite a bit and gave background on several songs. I loved every minute of it!!

A few days later we had another unique opportunity. John's company had tickets to the ACC tournament, in Charlotte,  and since his customer was bringing his wife, I was needed to round out the foursome. At first, I wasn't that thrilled. The prospect of being, "on" for an evening wasn't very fun. But.... I would have missed out on an extraordinary experience. We entered into a special entrance, in the line with us was a former governor of our state. The masses were bulked 50 people deep, while we sauntered in within a minute. Then we got to our seats....

Amazing.. So very close...(this was the 2nd game which Duke played). Carolina played in the first game.

Later John picked us out of the crowd

 This was the outfit I wanted to wear, but the scarf came in too late...oh well, maybe next year!

 Our boys in blue warming up

Undoubtedly this is not an opportunity that happens very often.


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