Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Sally

Our new friend, Sally, is quite a gal. She lets Anna poke and prod her hair and doesn't say a word. When she first appeared at our house, Abbey said, "I don't like that girl!" She didn't even flinch at that remark. She just keeps her eyes focused ahead and her head held up straight.

Here she is with her new original "updo"

 Anna won 2nd place for this creation

  The front view

Anna practicing with Sally's hair

Sally has helped Anna get straight "A's" from cosmetology school. Anna also got a job at a local salon, which she adds to her other job of lifeguarding. We would like for her to quit the lifeguarding job, but right now she wants to keep both jobs.

John and I are so proud of Anna and her work ethic. She is excelling and enjoying it at the same time.  She really enjoys school for the first time in her life! It's going to be such a perk to have a cosmetologist in our family.



  1. I'm with Abbey, Sally would give me the creeps if she were in my house. BUT I'm glad that she's with Anna. You can just see a sparkle in Anna's eyes as she talks about school.
    We're glad to know someone we can trust for hair emergencies now!

  2. Definite perks of having a hair stylist in the family!!! I love my hair stylist otherwise I'd be volunteering my head for Anna to practice on!!! :)

  3. Abbey's comments crack me up! I just love that entertaining. I miss not working with children. They made me laugh out loud every day.

    Yay for Anna! Cosmetology is such a creative profession. I am always amazed at how great my hair looks right after it's styled. And then, I try to do it myself at home and...well, not so much... :-)