Saturday, October 30, 2010

A cheese by any other name...

Abbey and Elijah love, love, love cheese. They like many different kinds of cheese. My refrigerator is usually stocked with a variety of cheese. Abbey has developed her own nomenclature for various types of cheese.

Here she is enjoying "Polka-Dot cheese"
aka-Swiss Cheese

We also enjoy "Flat Cheese" instead of American  and "Orange Cheese" or "Block Cheese" for cheddar. String cheese is "Stick Cheese". Pretty self-explanatory, huh?

I've read that Chinese don't like cheese. My two kids certainly didn't get that memo. Maybe folks in China would  like it better if it was called something different??



  1. That's so cute! My sister got her kids to eat cheese by calling it "mouse cheese". :)

    Does China not have any cows perhaps? That might explain the lack of exposure to cheese?

  2. Love Abbey's names for her favorite food. We also have 'shake cheese' (Parmeasan) and 'sprinkle cheese' (shredded anything) at our house!
    Course Caleb holds true to the myth that Chinese folks don't like cheese, but the girls? LOVE IT!