Saturday, October 9, 2010

Please, please, please no rain for the next two days

Because our car has no window on the back passenger's side!

Today while doing his regular yard work, John hit something with the weed eater. What ever it was it became  a  projectile and,  hit my car's side window just right. It completely shattered it!

Like this

We scrambled to get it all cleaned up, as John and Daniel were leaving soon to go to the UNC game.

John called our insurance and found out that it would be $300 to fix it. (Makes one wonder why we have insurance??) And... they can't get to it until Monday. So today, the kids and I rode around without a window. Abbey really didn't take too kindly to the wind blowing in her face.

The interesting thing is that this month we pay our last car payment. We were thinking that we would have a $300 surplus in our budget...Silly us!

Of course, another way to look at it is that without stressing our budget,  God has once again provided for a need we didn't even anticipate we would have!