Saturday, February 19, 2011

An answered prayer

The past several weekends have been spent at swim meets. We've have conference, regional, and state champs for high school swimming. Added in the mix are state, sectional and nationals for year round. We haven't had sectionals or nationals yet, but they are coming up. Even without those last two, we've been to a lot of meets. Abbey and Elijah have been to every one of them, and overall they both behaved really well.

                           With Daniel's friends, Alison and Tyler, who were there to support Daniel

As I looked at the pictures of Daniel posted on the team's website, that were taken at year round state champs, I noticed something wonderful. These two  pictures...

You see, I remembered how when he and John were little, I would pray with them before every race. It was funny, one time one of John's teammates saw us praying, and after John swam really well, said, "I'm going to have your Mom pray over me!" I asked John if he told him what I prayed? Because I never prayed that they win or get best times, but I prayed that others would see Jesus in them through their upcoming swims.

These two pictures demonstrated to me that God has indeed been faithful and answered my prayers. If anyone was looking they could see Jesus in Daniel!

He didn't swim as well as he wanted to, but he wasn't tapered or shaved for any of these meets. He did get several best times in non-breaststroke events, and he made it to the podium several times.

Here are some other pictures of the meet.

                                                   With friends, Macon and Christian

We are praying that Nationals in March will be a super meet for him. But, again, whether the times are great or not, God is with him and I know that others will see Him in Daniel! I can't ask for anything any better than that!


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