Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Healed Dishwasher

One thing that I really can't stand is for John to be able to tell me in a condescending voice, "...I told you so." So, I try to avoid giving him a chance to say those words to me.

Our dishwasher was on its last leg. There were more racks missing from rust, than there were good ones left. Sometimes the dishes wouldn't be clean at all. To top it off, every appliance in my kitchen, except my stove, has something wrong with it. We really haven't had the income to replace these appliances. So, I've become an avid reader of Craigslist.  I found an ad for a dishwasher, just a few years old, in good shape for $65. I told John about it and he asked the same suspicious husband questions, "Why are they getting rid of it?, How do you know it is as they say,  and finally how much would we have to pay to have it installed?" Bottom line, he wasn't so keen on the idea. But, when I found out that our dear friend, Jeremy, could install it, I felt this was a good deal and we should take advantage of it. John acquiesced. But, I knew it wasn't his first choice. (not my first choice either, but we didn't have the money for my first choice)

So I bought this dishwasher, and along with the kids, went to pick it up. Jeremy and John spent a loong time installing it. They had to replace one part with a part from our old washer.  During the whole procedure, in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "What if it doesn't work???" When they finally got it installed and we pushed the button... voila, it worked. I breathed a sigh of relief, which lasted for about 2 weeks. Then...

One day I went to unload the clean dishes and they weren't clean at all, also there was water filling the bottom of the washer. Oh, no!!! I could just hear those dreaded words coming from John's mouth. I thought, maybe it was a fluke. I drug out the shopvac, emptied the water and ran it again. Nope! The darn thing absolutely refused to drain. I went to the internet, searched "dishwasher doesn't drain". None of the answers were ones that I could do myself. So, I took a deep breath and decided I'd break the news to John that night. My mind began to scan recent memories to see if maybe I could recall a time where I could have given him the "I told you so" speech and didn't, so I could cash them in at this opportune time.  But, alas, I couldn't think of anytime where I hadn't already seized the moment to point out that I was right.

I went to the new-to-me dishwasher and prayed for that thing, even laying a hand on it. I pleaded, telling Him how we really didn't need to spend the money to get it fixed, after spending $65 to buy it. I decided I would run it one more time, so that John could see the water in the bottom. Before I ran it, I thought to run my disposal,(which I rarely use, because it leaks, ie. it's broken)  because the two drains are connected. I pushed the button and waited. It got to the first draining. I sat in the dining room listening, when low and behold, it drained! God healed my dishwasher!! It has been running fine every since.

Now, I know that God has much, much bigger problems to take care of, but I also know that He's a big, big God! You might say that running the disposal fixed the dishwasher, and you probably would be right. But, I didn't get the idea to run it until I prayed. I know that God gave me that thought. I'm sure that  He knew that we indeed did not need to spend any more money.  No matter how he did it, He provided for my dishwasher to work, and I give Him all the praise and credit for it!

So, now I'm back on Craigslist, just in case the "perfect" clothes dryer becomes available!


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  1. What a great reminder that no problem is too big ~ or too small ~ for our loving Creator!