Thursday, February 24, 2011

The arm slide park

Back at the beginning of fall we went to one of the local parks to play with friends. Abbey was mesmerized by part of the apparatus there. At first she was very afraid to go down (yes, believe it or not, our Abbey was afraid of something), by the end of our playtime, she was able to use it by herself. She christened it the "arm slide" and this park as the "arm slide park". She has begged all winter to go back to the "arm slide park". Last week, we decided to pay a visit to the arm slide park. She definitely isn't afraid anymore.

In fact, she did it over and over again. She was so proud of herself, she busted this little move.

Good buddy, Darcy, liked the arm slide also.

And daredevil Caleb did his own thing,

Elijah preferred to keep both feet firmly on the ground, while enjoying the sand.

Soon everyone joined in the sand play,

and proceeded to make "sand angels"!

A fun day at the "arm slide park" !



  1. Nothing like a few sand angels to celebrate the pre-arrival of spring!

  2. Where's the "arm slide" park? :)