Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great is His Faithfulness!

I'm sure that anyone who has read or heard that we are having two daughters getting married in one year, has shuddered at the thought of paying for one wedding, let alone two! Even our future brides have felt a little guilty asking us to finance their dream weddings. I've told each of them several times, when asked how we would manage to pay for them, "God will provide." I believed it, but inside, I thought, "Ok, God, how are you going to do this???"

Well, He has certainly done it!!

Until this year, whenever you adopted a child, you were able to get $12,000 in tax credits. That means if you have a tax liability, the credit would offset it. You can use this credit for up to six years. It is a great help. While international adoption costs more than this amount, it still is a big help. We just finished using our credit for Abbey last year, and had most of Elijah's left.

This year, there is a change. Now the tax credit is a tax refund. That means whether or not you paid in that much or not, you get it all back in one lump sum. Sooo we get all of Elijah's credit and coupled with the overage that we paid in, guess what? The weddings are paid for!! Isn't that just amazing?

What is even more special is the timing. If we had gotten this money two years ago, we probably would have done some fixing up of our house or taken nice vacations. But, God had a savings plan for our daughters' weddings.

Again, I'm confronted with my own sinful nature. This isn't the first time that the Lord has miraculously met my needs, but I'm still very prone to worry and stress.  He has given me another story to look back on and see His faithfulness!

Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:1



  1. Hi Glenda.
    This is the first post I have read of your blog and what a wonderful writing of faith of our Lord and what a blessing He has provided for you! This is such wonderful news for your family!
    Enjoy your glorious day!!
    Stephanie Moore (Sami & Bella's mom)

  2. God's timing is so far and above our own! (Remind me of that when I lament that my youngest isn't home yet...)
    Thanks for sharing this today! I needed to be reminded of how He provides what we need, WHEN we need it!

  3. I love it. He is so good to us!