Friday, March 4, 2011

My youngest turns three!

 Three years old!!
Elijah celebrated his third birthday on the 22nd. For his birthday dinner, this culinary connoisseur chose to go to "Eee, Iii, Eee, Iiii, Ooo", or in language other than Elijah's...McDonalds. This is his favorite, running a close second to, "Chig-A-Lay".

Love those french fries!

Birthday hug from Abbey

We all enjoyed cake back at home.

Then presents

The next day, playing with his t-ball set.

Elijah has grown soo much in the past year. The Dr. actually commented on the difference between last year and this one. He is still not on the American growth charts, but he is growing. He currently weighs 27 pounds and is 34.75 inches tall. He has gained 4.5 pounds and grown 2.75 inches in the past year.

Elijah had his last speech visit with Ms. Stephanie
We have seen great strides in his speech. He still has some issues, but Stephanie thinks that they will all resolve with time.

Elijah's very favorite toys are cars and trucks. He will entertain himself forever with a little matchbox car. He and Abbey play together very well now.(They also fight together very well!). A favorite game is "hide and seek". He will hide and while looking for him, if you listen, you will hear a faint, "Woo-hoo", coming from Elijah's hiding space. 

Elijah sleeps through the night and takes long naps during the day. He is still a very slow eater, but will eat just about anything. He can count to 15 and is still working on his colors. He is potty trained for BM, but not for urine. 

Overall, it has been a wonderful year. Elijah has grown and developed. We're so glad that God brought us together.  He loves his family and I can promise that the feeling is greatly reciprocated.



  1. Happy Birthday Elijah! Keep on growing and learning new things with your marvelous family! Life is good!!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday sweet Elijah! Your precious face and delightful little voice yelling hello to me when I see you brings such joy! Even though you are still a peanut, I can see how much you've grown in the past year.
    You are much loved little one!