Friday, March 18, 2011


Sometimes I just have to shake my head in bewildered disgust. I have a hard time dealing with man's sinful nature, especially when I'm the one getting sinned against.

A few weeks ago,(the day after my birthday)  I went to Wal Mart to go shopping. Luckily, Daniel was staying with the little ones, so I was alone. As I'm coming out to my car, a less than above reproach looking man started coming toward me. Now, I've read the "hoaxed" e mails about crime and Wal Mart, but I've also read enough police blotters to know that it doesn't matter where you are, you need to be on guard in parking lots. So, I was on guard and really didn't want to acknowledge this person. But, keeping his distance, he said, "Someone hit your car." Ok, now he has my attention. I go around to the other side, and sure enough, the rear panel was sticking out and there was a considerable dent in my car. The man saw the whole thing, but failed to get a license tag number. He suggested that I see if the surveillance camera could be of any help.

I went back inside the store and talked to a manager. She told me that they couldn't look at the security footage. This can only be done by the police. So, I had to call the police. As I'm waiting for the police, a woman drives up and says she saw the person who hit my car. After plowing into my car, he got out, looked at my car, and then looked at the trailer he had hit me with, and then got right back in his truck and drove away! The nerve of some people???  Of course, the lady did not get a license number either.

When the police arrived, they took my information and said they would look at the video, but really didn't think they would be able to see the license number. They did go into the store afterward, but I can't imagine them giving this little fender bender very much attention, and I really don't blame them. With all the things they have to deal with, I'm sure my banged up van is considerably quite benign.

Grrrrr, it's so annoying! I had parked within the little lines and everything! How callous, irresponsible, immoral and many other adjectives I can think of (all bad)! To add insult to injury, after talking with our insurance company, I found out that we will have to pay the $500 deductible to have it fixed. Life just isn't fair.

As I type that, I'm reminded of what I used to tell my kids. They would always say, "That's not fair!" To which I'd reply, "Nope, it's not. If life was fair, we'd have to pay for our own sins."  So, as He often does, God reminds me that I'm not perfect, and my sins are just as bad and numerous as the man who hit me. Nothing like the proverbial point one finger and three point back, illustration. But, I still argue, my sins didn't cost an innocent someone else $500! To which, I'm reminded, "Nope but they did cost an innocent man his life!" Alrighty, I guess I hush up for now, 'nuff said!

Later that afternoon, the florist pulled into the driveway. (Don't you just love seeing the florist truck pull into the driveway?) He brought these beautiful flowers.

They were from my Mom and Dad, who felt bad because they forgot to call me on my birthday.  They certainly didn't need to do that, but it was fun to get the bouquet and enjoy looking at lovely flowers! Kind of took the edge off of my anger at my little hit and run friend.

I don't know when we will get my car fixed. It's such a pain to be without a car. But, in the meantime every time I look at the dent, I'm going to remember that Christ gave his life, not only for me, but for the gutless so and so that hit my car and took off!

So, I started this post bewildered at the sinfulness of people, and I end it still bewildered, but now in awe at a God that loves sinful people so much that He would die for them! Oh, what love the Father has lavished on us!


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  1. I love how you can take a rotten experience and see how God works in our lives! You are a blessing in my life!