Friday, March 25, 2011

Home again, home again...

I've been gone for a few days. I got to visit another culture...the culture of Las Vegas. I must say it is quite different from my every day culture.

John has to attend a trade show in Vegas every three years. This year I was able to join him. I flew out with him on Monday and came home on Wed. He will not be home until Saturday.

On our flight out there, we saw the grand canyon.

So beautiful, you can just see a Creator's hands all over it.

Then we landed in Las Vegas, while it is quite an interesting place, one can surely see the difference in God's beautiful creations and Man's. The sights of Las Vegas were eyecatching.

This is a sculpture outside of one of the hotels.

But, not awe inspiring. When I looked out my 46th floor panoramic window, it wasn't the buildings that my eyes gravitated to. It was the gorgeous mountains, monuments created by God.

Our hotel, Trump,  by the way, was by far the fanciest one I've ever stayed in. We had a suite that was huge, complete with a jacuzzi! The Trump hotel is one of few that doesn't have a casino in it. I found that refreshing. I was quite surprised by the looks of the casinos. I guess my mind pictured the ones in movies like James Bond. The places I saw were nothing like that. To me, they looked more like glorified truck stops. Gambling isn't anywhere near appealing to me. I did put three dollars in a slot machine, then promptly decided that throwing away money just isn't my idea of fun!

John and I had some great times exploring the city. One night we watched a band perform at B.B. King's restaurant. Our time together was fun and refreshing.

On Tuesday, I went shopping and bought 2 possible dresses to wear to the wedding. I enjoyed picking out presents for the little (and big) ones back home.

Speaking of back home... During this trip, I became convinced and grateful for the wonderful friends God has blessed us with. One friend kept our two along with her three. I knew that mine were well loved and cared for. She managed to get a picture of her "three day quints".

Another friend's generosity also allowed me to go on my mini vacation. Sunday, before I left, I found a tick on Abbey's neck. I removed it, but the head stayed embedded in her skin. I pick and prodded, but couldn't get it out. My wonderful friend offered to take Abbey to the Dr. for me on Monday. The Dr. was able to remove the tick head while I was in the air on my way to Las Vegas! Praise God for friends!!!

So, now I'm home, sweet, home. While I work through the mounds of laundry, part of my heart is still in Las Vegas....

Two more sleeps  'till he's home!!!


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  1. You know, I've never flown over the Grand Canyon during the day. Great shot!
    And I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! We had an exhausting, but fun time here!