Monday, March 7, 2011

Meeting Nanny Harry

A few weeks ago, Abbey, Elijah and I traveled to my parents house to meet my grandmother. Nanny Harry, as I've always called her, is 91 years old. She is in relatively good health, but has recently become unable to live by herself. Yes, believe it or not, she was living alone until a few weeks ago!  Sadly for her, she has had to moved in with my parents. Because it isn't a great idea to leave her alone, my Mom and Dad aren't able to just up and come for a visit like they used to.  So, we took a road trip to see them. Nanny Harry has never met Elijah and has only seen Abbey on one other occasion. While there, we celebrated Elijah's and my birthdays.
The birthday boy, with Nana's dog, Mac

Grandaddy and Nana gave him a tool bench.

Complete with safety goggles

Which he shared with Nanny Harry

Abbey loved her new paint set.
Posing with Grandaddy

Grandaddy provided the entertainment via the wheelbarrow

Swinging with Nana and Nanny Harry on the porch

While none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, when you know someone who has reached 91 years, you really appreciate that fact that all of our days are numbered.  I'm thankful that Abbey and Elijah will have these pictures to remind them of their only living great-grandmother.


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  1. Such joy in your family! Thanks for sharing it with me today.

    Such a delight to meet you! I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a great place to slip off my shoes and wade into His goodness.