Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stomach bug positives and negatives

These past three days, I've been totally down for the count. Now, as the dust, (literally,in the case of my neglected house), settles and I'm starting to recover I can see some positives and negatives of this horrible thing.

Positive #1
After loosing everything in my digestive system for two days, I can now eat whatever I want without regard to the calorie or fat content!

Negative #1
I still don't feel like eating anything. Not even chocolate! If you know me you know I must have been sick, really sick, to not want chocolate.

Positive #2
I discovered that my kids can basically keep themselves alive for 10 hours with minimal help from me, and a lot of help from the DVR.

Negative #2
I now face the aftermath of my kids and the house taking care of itself. Can you say 10 loads of laundry, squished poptart in the den chair, or mud all over the kitchen floor??

Positive #3
I realized how blessed I am to be healthy and able to take care of my family! I thanked God so much for the gift of good health.

Negative #3
It took getting an awful stomach bug to completely make me stop and realize a that I take advantage of  a tremendous gift every day, instead of thanking my good Lord for the blessing of being healthy!

So, if you've missed me in bloggy world, this is why I've been absent. Mom, I know you're going through withdrawal, I'll try to get you a post again later today.


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  1. I am glad you are feeling better! Sorry you were sick! See ya Thursday, jody