Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming out of the tunnel

Elijah has started to emerge from the "me" tunnel that most two year olds reside in. I see him interacting more and more with Abbey and other children.

We don't know this little girl, but she and Elijah played chase for quite a while

I see him starting to share with other kids.

Emphasis on "starting"

Well, maybe we still need a little work on this one!

But overall, I see him becoming more aware of others and wanting to interact with other kids! I think that his developing speech has a great deal to do with this. He meets with a speech therapist once a week. She thinks his delays are all a result from only hearing Cantonese for the first 19 months of his life. She has given me information about how to work with his speech at home. We really have seen great progress in this area, also!

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  1. Loved the look on his face while holding "his" ball. :) Don't you just get a kick out of this age? I'm sure you're enjoying parenting your 6th during the terrible two's.