Saturday, January 22, 2011

The African Children's Choir

Last week our small group had the chance to see the African Children's Choir perform. They are such incredible performers,

but that isn't the most important thing about this group. All of the kids in the choir have lost one or both parents. Their life in their homeland isn't very pretty. But these blessed children, have been given a special gift. The ministry takes the children and takes care of their daily needs. In turn they are given an education and told about the Lord. They aren't taken permanently from their homeland, instead, they are encouraged to give back and improve life in their native country.  We heard many testimonies from former members about how their life had changed and the impact this ministry had on their lives. The African Children's Choir is a wonderful ministry to the orphans in Africa.

And boy, can they dance and sing! We all sat enthralled.

From the littlest one..
Baby "M" enjoying herself

to the older ones,

who did a little boogieing in the pew.

You can't tell here, but he was dancing

We also got to enjoy the company of our friends.

Notice Abbey's hand on her friend, Kylie's shoulder
a wonderfully fun evening!

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  1. Thanks for the photo of Baby M! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it and had a fun night!