Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

What a treat! The morning after Christmas we woke up to the pristine wonder of everything covered in snow!

So pretty. For those that don't live in the south, I know that snow isn't a big deal, but in our area, it is a big deal. Basically, the world shuts down if we get 2 or more inches. We really don't get that much snow. We had one snow last year.

Of course, my two youngest kids were polar opposites last year. Elijah cried whenever we tried to put him down in the snow, and Abbey loved it!

This year, Elijah loved it just as much as Abbey did.

Well, almost as much....
She held it.

laid on her back in it,

laid on her front in it,


she ate it,

and generally was one with the snow!
(I love this picture. It captures her impishness)

With Dad's help, they made a snow man.

The only thing that was a downer about the snow was that, John, Jr. went home early in order to not get stuck in the snow. But, Beth chose to take her chances.

I'm glad she did. The snow stopped by noon and she was able to get back home just fine! I'm thankful that we had the extra night to spend with Beth!

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  1. Sweet Abbey, embracing life (or in this case snow) to the fullest. One of the things I just love about her...
    Glad you guys enjoyed the snow here!