Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010...Here we grow again!

Yup, another daughter is now engaged!

Her then boyfriend, Jamie, came to talk with me and John on Thurs. He presented a well thought out plan for their future and it was evident that he really loves her. John gave his blessing, but asked that they wait at least a year. (It will be interesting to see how God will provide for two weddings in 2011)

Our future son in law, Jamie, with Anna

Here is how it all unfolded:

Until this year, Christmas always started with the kids cooking breakfast and coming in our room. This year, as a result of a too late bedtime, no one but Anna and the little ones got up. Finally, John and I got up and woke the other sleepyheads up. After breakfast, we gave the kids their gifts. Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts. I think that if a toy has Disney Cars or Princesses on it, it is now at my house.

Thomas the tank engine is another big hit with Elijah

We then rushed to get presents, food and all of us to my Mom and Dad's house. Jamie had concocted a plan for proposing to Anna. He was supposed to go with us, but called and told her that he was going to be late and would meet us there. Little did Anna know, but he beat us to my parent's and was waiting in a back bedroom when she got there. Anna was livid at him, but her temper quickly subsided when Jamie comes out from the back and quickly drops to one knee.

Of course, she said, "Yes!"

My Mom with the newly engage couple

I was there taking pictures and John, Jr was videoing.

After this excitement, we had a huge meal and opened mountains of presents.

The carnage afterward

 Not everyone was happy-go-lucky though, Beth was sorely missing Greg.

She only had Bella to cuddle with.

Elijah guzzling a M&M filled candy cane

By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted, a result of no naps for the little ones and a late,late night for the big ones.

But a very enjoyable day for everyone!

Mom and Dad being silly

With their grandkids

The only bummer was that John, Jr decided that the snow threat was too real, and he would need to leave that night, instead of spending another night. They always seem to have to leave too quickly!


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  1. Elijah needs to come over and bring his Thomas stuff. He and Caleb will have a grand old time!
    Congrats to Anna.