Friday, December 10, 2010

It feels like Christmas now, so let's make it look like Christmas!

Since the weather has certainly gotten the chill that suggests yuletide is upon us, we decided to go ahead and get our tree and decorations up. After finding just the right tree the night before, we set out to decorate the house and tree on Saturday.

As John and Daniel were hanging the wreaths, something white began to fall from the sky.

We thought, "Oh well, no big deal, a few flurries. Sure is pretty, but we know it will not amount to anything, because anyone knows that in our part of NC, it's way too early to expect snow." We even laughed at Abbey as she went out to play in the dusting.

She had a plastic baggie and was trying to catch the snow

We were wrong. The snow did accumulate on the grass and trees, but thankfully, not on the roads. We ended up with about 1-1/12 inches of snow.

Meanwhile, inside, after Anna got home from school, we played our traditional Christmas CD and commenced to make the tree into a Christmas Tree.

The oldest kid present puts on the first decoration

The youngest puts on the last

And in between everyone jumps right in

All of the kids have ornaments with pictures through the years. It's always fun to look back. Here they all are with their "First Christmas Ornament"

After a little while and with only a couple of casualties, resulting from a fat, brown dog's tail and a certain little butterfinger  boy.... we had a beautiful tree!

Time for portraits in front of the tree:

The kids

The proud parents

So excited that it's almost time for the one good thing about winter!


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