Saturday, December 18, 2010

Five little kiddos spend an evening together

I'm so blessed to have a friend with three little ones, who is willing to trade childcare duties. She's been working overtime for me lately, so I was thrilled when she said she wanted to go out with her husband for a few hours one evening. Then the question was...what can we do to keep them busy and give them something to look forward to. So, I came up with a game plan for a full evening.

We started out baking reindeer cookies:

They added the eyes, nose and antlers.
Caleb and Darcy

Kylie and Abbey


Watching them bake

Our herd of reindeer (all Rudolphs, of course)

The best part of cookie creating
Reindeer, like people would be boring if they were all the same. So what if his eyes are on his chin?

Or his antlers are on the side of his head?? Some of the kids took a little creative license with their cookie.

Next we made candy cane ornaments with beads.


Then, after bath time, they all snuggled on the couch and watched, "Dora's Christmas Carol"

Before we knew it, my borrowed kids for the night's real Mom and Dad came to get them. We had a fantastic time. Not one argument between anybody the whole night, not even a little squirmish. For  a group consisting of 3 four year olds, one 3 year old and one 2 year old, that is an unusual thing. Abbey loved having her friends over,  I enjoyed watching them play together and their parents got some much deserved alone time. A win-win situation for everyone!


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  1. They talked about it for days! And we sure enjoyed our date night.
    Words can't express how thankful I am for a wonderful friend that my kids LOVE!