Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas!

There's something in the air... Everywhere I go people are smiling. There is a spring and an urgency in my step. Christmas is coming.  So much to do! Many traditions to uphold. One of those traditions is making cookies and goodies to give away, and, of course, eat a few ourselves. This year my kitchen crew consisted of Abbey, Elijah and myself.

First we roll

Then we add sprinkles

The Chocolate crinkles (aka do-do balls, thanks to  a young John, Jr)
require rolling in powdered sugar

While they weren't as messy this year, as some in the past, this still reminds me of a spiritual application. We encourage our kids to help us bake cookies as a bonding experience, along with learning how to cook. They also have a sense of accomplishment, having helped in the kitchen.  It's the same way with us and God. He doesn't need our help, but he wants us to help in order to learn, bond with Him and feel like we are contributing.  He is perfectly capable of accomplishing His will without our help. Just like I could have made the cookies quicker and neater without my helpers. But, He wants us to feel apart and learn how to help, the same way I want my kids to feel when we share cooking time. I love this little analogy!

The next day, we gave containers of goodies to the trash collectors and the mailman. This year, Abbey was big enough to take the treats to them. She waited and watched for our community helpers, so she could run out and greet them with a "Merry Christmas!"

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