Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Listening Walk

Every week or so, we make a trip to our local library and bring home several books. The kids really get a kick out of picking out their own books and then reading them at home. One of the books that we got this past week was this one:

In this book, a little girl takes "listening walks" with her dad. During their walks, instead of talking, they only listen.

Since the weather has cooled slightly, I've been trying to re-institute my daily walks. Several times I've had to take Abbey and Elijah with me. On one of our walks, Abbey suggested that we recreate the story of the book. So we started our own, "listening walk". I was completely amazed at the difference. I'm 40+ years old and I've never really heard outside like I did that night. I heard all sorts of noises from crickets to cicadas to lawn mowers. It was mesmerizing.

After we got back home and sat on the porch sharing popsicles, Abbey, Elijah and I talked about the things we heard, and how we heard them. It really was a great exercise, and it made me think about listening in other areas of my life, especially my prayer life.

I wonder if I'd hear so much more from God if I would just be quiet for a spell? I became convicted by how many times my prayers consist of me telling God the things that He needs to do, or the things He needs to help me do. I'm convinced that I need to take time to sit and just listen. I think that I would be amazed and extremely comforted by hearing God, instead of hearing my own laments and suggestions, (as if the Lord Of All needs my suggestions)!  Just as the usually hidden sounds of nature are suddenly out in the open when I stop and listen, God's whisperings within my heart would suddenly be loud and clear, if I kept quiet and just listened. It became apparent to me that my walk with Christ needs more often to be a "listening walk".


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