Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There's a brand new Senior in our house!

Daniel began his senior year of high school last week. He dreaded starting school, as he repeatedly stated in the days leading up to D-Day,  but he is extremely excited to be a senior.

The night before school started, Daniel spent the night with a friend. I asked him to come home before leaving for the Senior Breakfast, so that I could get pictures of him beginning this milestone. Sweet boy that he is, he agreed to come by at 6:15 AM! It's still dark at that time, (proof enough for me that no one should have to be up at that hour), thus the dark pictures.

And he's off! 
 Of course, while praying and giving him to the Lord, I had to shed a tear or two. Well, if the truth be known, more that one or two.  I don't think I'll ever enjoy this "growing up and leaving" thing. I know that I'd be devastated if they couldn't do it, but it is such a bittersweet experience.

His car displays the magic numbers!
Our high school has a few really neat traditions for seniors. The first day of school, there is a senior breakfast. They all wear the same senior t-shirt and after breakfast, they all caravan to the school. At the school lot they are greeted by a balloon archway.

Another tradition is car decorating. The seniors decorate their cars. There were some pretty creative ones this year.

Ones with stuff strapped on top:

This one was covered with tin foil. The are the Spartans, so this car is a spartan helmet.

I thought this was very creative

Daniel road with a friend and left his car at the breakfast spot.

He had a good first day. A bunch of the seniors converged at the same eating place for lunch. I'm sure the regular patrons really appreciated this invasion!

Their theme is "2012, the world's not ending, we're just taking over!"

Hmm...Lord help us all!


  1. Love it! Congrats to Daniel and best wishes for a fantastic senior year!

  2. Happy, happy senior year Daniel!
    Love their theme. Makes me smile.
    And oh, I am so learning about the "growing up and leaving thing". Starts early, doesn't it?