Sunday, September 4, 2011

Look out, world, here comes Anna!!

On Aug. 26th, Anna completed cosmetology school! We are so very proud of her. She worked really hard and achieved several honors while at Paul Mitchell The School (formerly Emerald Academy).  Whether homeschooling or going to public high school, Anna has always been less than thrilled with school. It was such a breath of fresh air, (for her and us), to see her actually enjoy and excel at school. She is quite talented and it reflects in her enjoyment.

Abbey and Nana outside the school
Anna's booth~ she was an honor student, therefore she had her own personal station, which they decorated for her last day
Why, yes, I'm special enough to sit here!
Waiting for the "clapping" to commence

Because graduation depends on a certain amount of hours in attendance, along with a certain number of services, the  exact day varies for each student. The do have a formal graduation ceremony twice a year. But, each students' last day is celebrated by a "clapping out ceremony".  My Mom, Dad, John, Jamie, Abbey and Elijah were able to attend the ceremony. It was a pretty neat event.

They cranked up the music, "It just takes some time", by Jimmy Eat World,  chosen by Anna, and the folks started to trickle out.

Then Anna came out and everyone cheered and clapped

and hugged,

and hugged,

and hugged!

With Ms. Amy, one of her favorite teachers.
Of course, most folks(including Anna and yours truly) cried.

and then she was out of there, and on with her life!

Walking out for the last time as a student.
Way to go, my baby girl!!



  1. I'm so happy for you Anna ~ even if it means that my haircuts are gonna cost a little more now...