Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A "Tens" and "Ones" birthday for John, Jr.

Once someone in our family gets past twenty, I no longer place that many candles on the cake. I then start to place them in "tens" and "ones". John, Jr. had a birthday Aug. 7th. His cake had 2 tens and 4 ones!

The cake may look a little strange, and it was. At our house, each person gets to pick the kind of birthday cake they want. John wanted plain yellow cake on one half and chocolate frosting on the other half.

They birthday participants

Everyone but Beth was able to be here for John's celebration. He was living with us for the summer while working for our swim club. It was great having him here and getting to see him every day. He actually had to work on his birthday, so we scheduled his dinner around his work schedule.

We are proud of John, since graduating from college, he has held down a job he despised. When the offer came to manage the swim club, he took offer. He's been mulling over his career path for the past few months. He's decided to go back to school to become a nurse. I think he would make a great nurse! He's always had such a tender heart. In our family, he is the peacemaker. John and I are thankful to have had the opportunity to have him home one more summer.

Before John left to go back to Wilmington, he arranged for Daniel to watch the kids, and he took me and John out for coffee. (Wow, he really is growing up!)  We had such a nice time talking to him, and he told us how much he appreciated us allowing him to live with us for the summer. It was definitely our pleasure!

Happy, happy birthday, John! We love you!


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