Sunday, September 18, 2011

Five Years Old

She asked for a strawberry with vanilla icing cake.
On Sept. 6th, my precious Abbey turned 5 years old. We celebrated a couple of weeks later with a party, which I'll write about in my next couple of posts. Today I want to celebrate the perky one that we know as Abbey.

She has made the last four years ones filled with joy and excitement. We never know what she will say or do next. This gal of ours loves, loves, loves to make us laugh.

"You've got it dude!"

She has quite a tool box of facial expressions and will use them as often as it gets a laugh.

"Just gotta love me!"

Smart as a whip, she can recite and write all of her letters and knows their sounds. She's able to read three letter short vowel words. She can count to 100 by ones and tens. (we're working on 2's and 5's). Several times I've watched her recite an entire book for her friends as she "reads" to them.

Abbey loves dress up and imaginative play. She adores anything to do with princesses and fairies.

She loves Rapunzel. The other day, Caleb, one of her friends, was over to play. She basically acted out the whole "Tangled" movie, playing Rapunzel. When they were through, she told him, "Now, lets do it again, but I'll be Flynn(the boy) and you be Rapunzel!"

Quite creative, she spends hours coloring and building with blocks.

Her airplane that was going to China

Chalk drawing by Abbey. The pink is an hourglass, she is standing beside it and a rainbow is overhead.

For her birthday dinner, Abbey chose to go to MacDonalds, for one of her two favorite foods~ a cheeseburger (the other favorite is Mac and Cheese)

Daniel and Daddy enjoy MacDonalds, too!

All's not always rosy in Abbey's life though, she has some real issues with being left alone, especially at night. Therefore, she doesn't sleep very well. We've had some really deep conversations about many things ranging from death to sin. (In a few days, I'll be relating one such conversation).  She isn't all fluff, Abbey has some really deep thoughts, questions and insecurities.These all just go into the wonderful little girl that she is. We will work through any issues with God's help, and she will be stronger because of it.

Our lives certainly were enriched beyond measure the day we met this little one in Chongqing, China. Life would never be the same again, and boy are we thankful for that!

Miss Abbey, you are one loved little girl!!!

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  1. What a beautiful and special girl she is! Can't believe she's growing up so fast!