Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer League Swimming is over

Our summer league swim season is just 6 weeks, and boy does it fly by. This year, our team certainly didn't win as many meets as they would have liked (only one), but I think the kids had a great time. We celebrated their accomplishments this year at our end of the season banquet. As the swim team coordinator,  it was my responsibility to see that this affair came off without a hitch. I had lots of willing help, and I believe it was a nice banquet.

The room looked festive:

There was plenty to eat:

Elijah certainly enjoyed his cake

And the awards were there:

Abbey, tickled with her trophy, stands with the other 6 and under girls
Daniel and the 15-18 yr. old boys

Awww, brotherly love!
Daniel won the boys' team high point, for scoring the most points.

He also got medals for placing first in breastroke and eighth in freestyle at the city-wide championship meet.

John, Jr. did an excellent job of MCing the entire evening.

I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it was all over, but I actually enjoyed doing most of it. They also made it very worth my time. I was given flowers, a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant and a Starbucks gift card!

When we got home our two resident swim team members posed with their awards.


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