Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It was "my favorite kind of day"!--Christmas Eve

We have a super cute video of John Jr when he was about 5 or 6. It is Christmas Day, and as he was waiting for his turn to open presents, he is bouncing on the couch emphatically stating, "This is my favorite kind of day"! This Christmas Eve, I could echo John's words. It was a wonderful day. From the start to the finish, it was a dream day. The excitement began with Beth and Greg's arrival on Friday. Their flight was delayed, but not by much.

We started our time by going to an early afternoon service at church. They played a hilariously cute video of kids answering questions such as, "What do you want for Christmas? What do you not want? What does your Mom want? What is your favorite thing about Christmas?" To this last question, they showed our little girl, answering, "It's Jesus' birthday!" They also showed our neighbor and friend, Caleb, saying he liked to go caroling. That led to kids butchering Christmas carols and again, Abbey was on screen singing, "I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas...." The service was funny, touching and very appropriate. We all enjoyed it immensely.

When we got back home, John, Jr came with a box full of oysters. I'm not sure if John, Sr. was more excited about seeing John or the jellied sea creatures that came with him?? I'm just joking, but he was tickled to be able to eat some roasted oysters.

Abbey got her first taste of oysters, and she echoed her Mom's opinion...

First she sniffed it...
Then she tasted it....
Then she promptly spit it out! (Elijah couldn't believe she did that)
She declared, "Yuck, it tastes like ocean!" That's my girl!

When nightfall came, we gathered in the living room.

John was the first one in
She loves those sisters!

John, Sr. played the guitar and we sang some carols. Daniel read the Christmas story from the Bible.

The kids, me and John exchanged presents. Then we went out to walk around the neighborhood to admire the luminaries and lights.

My precious gang!!
So happy to have all of their family together.

One set of newlyweds
Another set of newlyweds.

My young men
Our house
 When we got back home we gathered in the kitchen a pigged out. I had been cooking and baking all week, and we had a large assortment of yummy stuff. From cookies to cheese, from beef stick to buffalo chicken dip, it was a dieter's nightmare, but ohh sooo good. Even better than the food was the company. Everyone loved being together. There was no shortage of conversation and its resulting laughter. Oh, my heart just jumps with glee at the memory! Such a blessed family time we had!

Pigging out!

Then it was off to bed in preparation for further celebrations the next day. Always the last to bed, that night I reflected on the day. I made note of how incredibly blessed this Mama is, and how grateful I am to have my family all under one roof for a little while. I praise God for each member, ever unique and ever special! Every single one, a gift to me!



  1. I know it was great to have everyone home for Christmas! Looks likes everyone at your house was happy to be together. Hope to see you Friday!

  2. I love your family Christmas Eve tradition!
    And I'm glad you enjoyed the video ~ I must point out that Caleb also said, "But I don't remember the words..." So appropriate!
    I smile with you about having all your kiddos under your roof for the night.