Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Territorial Princess

Abbey's new room has been finished for a couple of months, now. She's just tickled pink about her new room, it is a very girly room.

Her name over her closet

Back at Christmas time, I informed Abbey that when Beth and Greg came home they would sleep in her room and she would move in with Elijah for the few days that they visited. She very emphatically told me, "That. Will. Not. Happen." To which I replied, "Oh, yes it will!" So, giving just a little she said, "Ok, well, they can sleep on the floor." As I was shaking my head negatively, she said, "Look....", and she pointed to this sign on her wall:

"it says Princess Abbey sleeps here, only!"

Time for a lesson on hospitality, and making others feel comfortable when they visit,  after which she nodded and then said, "Well, I'm a guest in Elijah's room, so he has to let me sleep where I want, right??"

In the end, she wanted to sleep on the air mattress in Elijah's room, so we didn't have to make a decision about whether she would sleep in his bed or not.

She's quite a piece of work, that little girl of mine!



  1. She did have a good point about the writing on the wall...
    Oh my, gotta love that girl!