Thursday, January 19, 2012

Milly and Tilly

Anna has always been enamored with animals. When she was little, she had a fascination with any living creature, so much so that we nicknamed her, "Ellie-May", from the show "The Beverly Hillbillies".  So, it should come as no surprise that the man she married could be nicknamed, "Dr. Doolittle", and that they would begin to fill their home with animals. Anna has a leopard gecko that she has had for about 10 years, Lee. Being that I'm not Ellie May, the deal was that wherever Anna goes, Lee goes. That's animal number one. Number two is cutie-pie, Rocko, their little shorkie. Then this Christmas saw their little menagerie grow by two. Two sugar-glyders that is, Milly and Tilly. Of course, Milly and Tilly have visited at our house.


At first, they made a horrendous noise when you disturbed them in their pouch. Elijah, in particular, was afraid of the noise. Eventually, they quit the noise, and Elijah, though skeptical...

Finally gave in and touched Milly.

Of course, Abbey, on the other hand, showed no fear...

even wearing their pouch around her neck

On the second visit, both of the kids were smitten with the little critters.

Interesting hats, aren't they?

To each his own...

I am perfectly content with the animal population in my house staying at 2!


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