Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And she's off....

To her first sleepover

After many days of, "Is today the day for Lottie's birthday sleepover?" excitedly being asked by Abbey, the day finally did arrive. She woke up that morning and promptly woke me up, telling me that she needed to pack her sleeping bag. The sleepover started at 5:30 pm, but, of course, we needed to pack at 7:15 am! 

During the day we did see a little vulnerability. She wanted to know if she could call if she got afraid. "Of course, you can." We told her. "Well, what if it is in the middle of the night?" We assured her that no matter the time, we would come quickly to get her if she needed us to. With that assurance, she was off!

She did just fine and stayed the entire night, even sleeping 8 hours.  We had to pick her up early, because of Daniel's swim meet. She came running down the lawn to greet me in the morning, filled with stories of her very first "sleep over".


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