Saturday, March 3, 2012

I bet He laughed out loud

Yesterday I saw some just beginning to bloom daffodils. Knowing Abbey's penchant for picking all the flowers she sees, I pointed them out to her and reminded her that they needed to stay attached to the ground to grow into big flowers. We admired the yellow poseys and she asked, "Why did God make flowers?" I told her that it was his choice, and I really didn't know, but I think that he made them for us to enjoy and to be useful to the bees. We talked about our colorful world and how God could have made everything black and white, but for our pleasure he made some beautiful colors.

Later that day Abbey and Elijah are playing in the backyard. I hear, "Mommy, come here quick!" Now  I hear this phrase several times a day and it usually isn't an emergency, but knowing my youngest daughter I usually come rather quickly, because you just never know. So I rush outside, (or as fast as this peg leg gait will take me) They had discovered some of those tiny wild violets were growing on the ground. We admired them together and I started back into the house. All of a sudden both kids, at the top of their lungs, yell, "Thank you God, for making color flowers!" I turn and they both have their faces upturned and are projecting their words to the sky.

I'm quite certain that God joined me in grinning from ear to ear when he heard that beautiful praise and thanks out of the mouths of mere babes!


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