Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Party time for Elijah

Elijah finally got his "Cars" birthday party. This Sunday, we asked our close friends to join us and celebrate Elijah's fourth birthday. He was so excited! Like every four year old, he constantly asked when we were having his party.

Pleased with his cake

I was pretty excited, this was my first foray into cake decorating!

We played "where's the car?"

Waiting to come downstairs and find the hidden cars

"Where's the pizza?"

Decorating "Car Sun Catchers"

Complete with "Mater Hats",  the crew sings to Elijah

Elijah greatly enjoyed his birthday party. We appreciate the friends that chose to share this special day with him!



  1. How adorable! Looks like it was lots of fun! I am amazed that you made the Cars cake and it was your first time with cake decorating. You need to go into business!

  2. Elijah, we love you little buddy! Thanks for including our family ~ including Grandma ~ in your celebration!