Monday, February 13, 2012

Choosing Joy

Isn't it amazing how God manages to often have us in the place he wants us to be; in order to hear what we are going to need?

This past Sunday, our sermon was about choosing the gift of ,"joy", even when circumstances don't seem very joyful.

Early Friday evening, I was doing my usual weekly cleaning. As part of that cleaning, I was going to vacuum my hardwood stairs. Abbey was shadowing me, as we had just finished baking cookies together. I asked her to unplug the vacuum when I got to the bottom of the stairs. I turned, somehow missed the next step down, hit the one below that one and began a quick descent down the stairs. I remember trying to catch myself on the opposite wall, and thinking, "It's no use, I'm going to fall down all 12 of these stairs!" I landed at the bottom in a heap. I quickly covered my head as the vacuum came crashing down after me-still running. I began to yell for Abbey to get John, as he was in the bonus room working. He had heard the banging and was already on his way down to me. My first thought was, "Whew! I hurt like crazy, so I didn't break my neck." I laid there for a few minutes before I felt like I could get up. As I took inventory, I counted several places that hurt, but my knee was quickly swelling up to about 3 times its usual size. By late evening, I was having trouble walking on my leg. John called around, trying to find me some crutches.

With little sleep Friday evening, Saturday morning I hobbled to watch Daniel swim at State Championships. I really wasn't very comfortable all day. I had a big bruise on my hip, back, shoulder and thigh. I couldn't walk down my stairs without feeling like my knee was going to give, and each time it buckled, the pain was tremendous. So, I'd sit on my bottom with my legs out in front and scoot down the stairs. Not a pretty sight, I'm sure!

Sunday brought a little improvement, I was hoping I was going to come out of this little accident without any major damage. When I woke up today, I really felt a lot better. The only thing I couldn't do was bend my knee. I really was considering not going to the Dr. I asked John's opinion and he said I should go and just get it checked out.

So, with my good friend, Julia, driving me, because I didn't feel like I could be 100% safe driving with my bad leg, I went to the orthopedic Dr. Routine x rays discovered that I had fractured my patella, or knee cap! I'm now suited up in this super strong leg brace to keep my leg straight for 4 weeks. (The Dr. said 4-6, but I'm pretending I didn't hear the "to six"). I have to go back in two weeks to make sure it is healing and not separated more, because then we'd be looking at surgery. You can bet your bottom dollar, I'll faithfully wear this contraption!

So, here I am. I can do most anything, except for drive. I've tried to get into the car, but it is my right leg that is injured. I can't even get in behind the wheel, without bending my leg! Anyone who knows me, knows I detest asking for help. I'd rather die trying, than ask for help. Not a great way to be, I know. (maybe God's working on that?) My first thought is to cry, and fuss, and say "Why me?"

But, tonight, the Lord brought that sermon to mind. I must choose joy. So, I'm trying to do so. I'm trying to think "joyful" thoughts.
1.Four weeks isn't that long.
2. I do have 2 kids close by who can drive. In fact, Daniel is quite relishing the fact that I have to ride with him! He thinks that means I can't complain about his driving, (He thinks inaccurately)
 3.I'm blessed that I didn't get hurt a lot worse. It was a heck of a fall!

So, I'm not perfect and this little exercise in joy claiming is just beginning.  I'm sure there will be days in the next month where I'll not think to look for something to be joyful about, but I'm going to try.
 "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials" James 1:2


  1. Choosing joy in that you are still here to write on your blog!

  2. How terrible, Glenda! So glad that it wasn't worse although I'm sorry you're in pain and in a brace. Take good care of yourself...4 weeks will pass quickly.