Saturday, March 10, 2012

The boy loves to pray!

 If you ever get the chance to eat dinner with our family, and you want to say the blessing, you better jump in quick, because if you don't, you will be competing with Elijah to see who can pray the loudest (my money is on him). When we went to dinner a month ago at some friends' house, I was a little taken aback when we sat down to eat and immediately Elijah began to pray! I was a bit embarrassed that he just took over the meal's blessing without asking if he could, but that is Elijah's gift. This boy loves to pray!

He is very quick to offer a prayer whenever we see an ambulance. We were at a department store the other day and they were wheeling a woman out to a waiting ambulance. As we were leaving the store, Elijah asked me about the woman. I told him that either she had an accident or was sick. Without any prompting, he said, "We need to pray for her!" He prayed for that "store woman" for several days afterward.

He prays for his siblings and always includes their pets. Anna, Jamie and Rocko, Millie and Tillie, (then he informs God  that he doesn't like Tillie); Beth, Greg and Bella; Nana, Grandaddy and Mack; and, of course, our own muts, Layla and Lillie.

A good friend of ours had a hospital scare last week. When Elijah saw him a couple of days later,  he peppered him with many questions and then informed our friend that he had prayed for him!

I'm so grateful for this little man's heart! I can't wait to see how God is going to use this gift in his life as he grows older.


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