Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daniel returns from Junior Nationals

Ready to go to Orlando

My swimmer boy has returned from his culminating swim meet in Orlando, Florida. He has trained and trained and trained some more for this meet, and he certainly saw results of all his training.  He achieved best times in all of his events. He even made finals in four of the five breastroke events. His times were:

 100 yard breastroke-57.75
100 meter breastroke-1:07.17
 50 yard breastroke-27.02
 50 meter breastroke-30.77 
200 yard breastroke-2:06.18
200 IM-1:56.12

We have had some disappointments in the college area, though. Things that were promised him are not being delivered,  causing him great disappointment.  If you feel led, please pray for Daniel and his college decision. He's worked so hard in the pool and in the classroom, it's hard to see him not reap the benefits. 

Anyway, it was a great meet for Daniel, and we missed him while he was gone. This last year at home, he has really grown close to Abbey and Elijah. They both regularly vocalize their reluctance to seeing him go to college.

As he was leaving, Abbey ran up (unprompted) for one last hug!

We all feel that God is in control and  know that he has a plan for Daniel. Right now we are praying and waiting to see what that plan may be. It's not easy to think things are going one way, then the situation changes and you're looking at an entirely different scenario.  Even though he's struggling, he's trusting and seeking God in this big decision. I'm ever so grateful to be this young man's mama!


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