Monday, April 23, 2012

Such a good Daddy!

I'm not a camping type of gal, not now, not in the past and I don't think the chances are looking good for the future either. But, of course, as all the ones before them have done, these two youngest kids of mine think that camping is just wonderful. I love my children dearly, but there are some things that I see no sense in, and camping is one of them.  So, before you start to pity my dearly outdoor experience deprived kiddos, let me introduce you to "Super Daddy", ready to save the day and allow my little ones to experience sleeping under the stars.

You might think that this title is a bit strong, but let me explain further. This pro-daddy had celebrated a milestone at work and they offered him a gift to celebrate. He could have had many things which he could use for himself, but he chose a tent and two sleeping bags, just so Abbey and Elijah could experience camping.  They arrived several months ago and he promised when the weather got warm they would hit the grand outdoors to spend the night. When we pulled in the driveway from seeing my folks on Friday, Abbey shrieked with glee at the sight of the little tent.

So, later that night, with flashlight in hand, John and the kids kissed me goodnight and went out to "rough it".

They did make it all night and even got some sleep. The kids didn't get as much as they usually do, so we had a couple of long naps on Saturday afternoon. But, they were certainly grateful to "Super Dad" for making their faux-wilderness excursion happen.

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  1. That's one daddy who LOVES his littles, that's for sure. Not many men out there who would choose a company reward gift simply to see delight in his children's eyes...
    Now I'm just wondering how many more times they'll camp in the front yard!