Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Beach Memories~ Part 1-Being together

 Again, this year our entire family,(minus Anna's husband, Jamie), went to Holden Beach for a week. It was a wonderful time for us all. I took a lot of pictures to make sure we remember our time together, so I'll be posting about the beach for the next few posts.

The first group of pictures are about the best part of all....just being together!

Layne got a lot of attention.

Whether she was playing with Elijah,

 getting to know John Jr,

 supporting John and Daniel's college,

 getting loved on by Papa,

 coordinating fashion with Sharon,

 helping Beth and Greg get a feel for their impending parenthood,

 or just loving on her Mama, this little one stole everyone's hearts.

 Other members of the family strengthened their bonds. Both Abbey and Elijah had powerfully missed big brother Daniel, since he left for school.

She even misses his teasing her. (She was trying to ignore him here)

This little boy absolutely thinks the sun rises and sets with his big brother!

Both of the kids love being able to see Beth and Greg

We shared many great moments playing in the pool

Grandma (John's Mom) joined us the first part of the week. My parents came the last part of the week.

Lots of porch discussions...

And time for John and I to reflect on how incredibly blessed we are!!

(Anna took this, unbeknownst to us)


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