Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beach Games

I love, love, love to play games. Board games, card games any kind of games (except those which require a physical talent or coordination, which I sorely lack) So when our family gets together, I usually demand, ask everyone to play a family game at least once. This year they humored me and we played girls vs boys in "Family Feud".

Everyone, from the oldest, (my Dad), to the youngest, (Elijah), played. It was a lot of fun, especially since the girls won! There were lots of laughs and, surprisingly, very few arguments. I think it's safe to say they can endure, look forward to another round next year!

The night before, we enjoyed another family beach tradition.  We played "Putt-Putt". Because this game requires some of the aforementioned physical skills, I chose to be the photographer for the evening. Leaving the knocking of the little white ball, (or blue ball or red ball...), to the rest of my crew.

Daddy teaching Elijah

Nana aiming

After seeing Beth get that hole in one, Abbey studies Beth for pointers.

Daniel is close...

And it's Super-Mom! Putt-putting with baby in tow!

Grandaddy enjoys being with all the kids!

After the game, comes the part that I like.... Ice Cream!!

Layne anticipating....

Ummm, got it!

Daddy let Daniel and Abbey play their first arcade game.

Ahhh, such sweet memories!

***Post-note I got a text tonight from Daniel asking me if I noticed a typo on my latest blog post. I looked twice, had John, Sr look twice and still didn't get it.  The fact is Daniel has played arcade games many times in the past 19 years. It was obviously Elijah's first experience.  Just checking to make sure you're reading there, Daniel! (Yeah, that's my story...) end of post note***


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